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Contemporary art books. Mostly Australian. Mostly women.

SIRIUS introduces a new format for Piper Press books.

BRONWYN OLIVER tells the story of the artist’s life and presents her extraordinary sculpture. See more.


HALF THE SKY is the first major book on contemporary women artists in China. See more.

FIONA HALL: WRONG WAY TIME – Venice Biennale exhibition touring Canberra and Sydney. See more.

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Nearly Beloved

$69.95 ... ISBN 9780975190166

Helen McDonald

hardback, 180 pp, 300 x 250 mm

The first major publication on Patricia Piccinini, one of Australia’s most celebrated artists ever since her Young Family exhibition caused a sensation at the 1993 Venice Biennale. Piccinini creates an imaginative world peopled with families of charming and slightly unsettling beings. There are mutants who are half human and half beast, baby trucks and humanized scooters, sentient lumps of flesh and delicious bits of car. This book reproduces and discusses all Piccinini’s major works.




$19.95 ... ISBN 9789461610560

Georges Petitjean

flexi, 80 pp, 250 x 160mm


Documents the last major exhibition during the artist’s lifetime. Bennett’s work revolves around his personal search for identity and his confrontation with overt racism, commenting on issues of cultural identity, colonialism, racism, freedom and the dominance of Western history – including art history from where he appropriates images, quoting artists such as Mondrian, Van Gogh, Basquiat and Pollock.



$59.95  ... ISBN 9789053497883 Georges Petitjean

flexi, 160 pp, 300 x 230mm


A clear, contemporary and engaging analysis of Aboriginal art, its importance and history. It includes chapters on art from the Western Desert, Arnhem Land, Kimberley and other centres, plus detailed texts and images on Emily Kngwarreye, Paddy Bedford, and others.

KERMADEC: Nine artists explore the South Pacific

$40.00  ... ISBN 9780473200176 Pew Environment Group

B Golder and G O’Brien (editors)

hardback, 144 pp, 220 x 280mm

The remote Kermadec Islands lie in the heart of one of the world’s great ocean wilderness areas. The 620,000-square kilometre Kermadec region, located between New Zealand and Tonga, is home to whales and turtles, sharks, seabirds, fish, and deep-sea marine life. It also contains underwater volcanoes and a deep-sea trench, making the islands a hotspot for some of the most geologically active and biologically unusual features on the planet. Author Gregory O’Brien wins 2012 Prime Minister’s Literary Award.



$49.95 ... ISBN 9780975190173

192 pages, 300 x 250mm

Blair French and Daniel Palmer

This landmark book on Australian art photography presents in-depth studies of our most exciting photographers: Bill Henson, Tracey Moffatt, Anne Zahalka, Rosemary Laing, Simryn Gill, Destiny Deacon, Brenda Croft, Jacky Redgate, David Stephenson, Julie Rrap, Pat Brassington, Debra Phillips. Each artist is reviewed through twelve pages of images and a 3000-word essay.


$49.95 … ISBN 9780975190128

Tony Godfrey, Jonathan Watkins and Cate Blanchett

hardback, 252 pp, 280 x 280mm

Tim Maguire paints images of overwhelming beauty. His works are frequently cinematic in scale and distinctive for their rich colouration and technical skill. Paintings hover between realism and abstraction. The texts are by two leading art historians plus a personal response by Cate Blanchett to one of her favourite artists.


Body Double

$69.95 … ISBN 9780975190142

Victoria Lynn

hardback, 180pp, 300 x 250mm

Julie Rrap is presented as the trickster in Australian art, using her own body in photographs, videos and sculptures. Her representation of the body is never comfortable and often distorted.  Few artists in this country can work across sculpture, installation, photography and video in such consistently compelling ways.


Theme Park

$39.95 ... ISBN 9789081351614

Marcia Langton, A Gardner

hardback, 124pp, 260 x 200mm

Brook Andrew took over the entire AAMU Museum in the Netherlands for six months in 2009, filling it with 19th-century depictions of Aborigines alongside his large inflatable Wiradjuri-clad clowns, Aboriginal sculptures, kitsch souvenirs and neon lights, and this book is a catalogue of his intervention.



$29.95 … ISBN 0958798494

Benjamin Genocchio

hardback, 250 x 180mm

Fiona Foley maintains Batjala culture and its connections with Fraser Island though her art. Her on-going subjects of Fraser Island, her Aboriginal culture and political activism are presented in a lively text by critic Ben Genocchio.


$69.95 ... ISBN 9780980834703

hardback, 198 pp, one gatefold, 300 x 250mm

Julie Ewington

The first book devoted to Del Kathryn Barton’s work offers a portrait of a rich and multi-dimensional life informed by a deeply ingrained sense of an abundant natural realm. Del Kathryn Barton’s work is celebrated for its frank sexual assertiveness and for her imagined landscapes inhabited by humans, animals and imagined creatures.

Click here for book launch and exhibition details.


When my boat comes in

ISBN 9780975190180

Fiona Hall

planned for 2018

When my boat comes in is the title of a work by Fiona Hall that is included in the 2015 Venice Biennale exhibition. A few parts of this work are in the Wrong Way Time catalogue and we are hoping to release the book of the entire series in 2016.


Strange Things

$59.95 … ISBN 9780975190159

Hannah Fink

hardback, 240 pp, 280 x 235mm

Due October 2017

This is the first book about the major Australian sculptor Bronwyn Oliver,  released to coincide with The Sculpture of Bronwyn Oliver at the TarraWarra.

“I wanted to write an old fashioned art book, one that tells the story of the artist’s life from beginning to end,” says author Hannah Fink.

“But I also wanted to write about the creative process – how Bronwyn made things, why she made them. What drives someone to make art?” …more


Chinese women artists

$69.95 … ISBN 9780980834741

Luise Guest

hardback, 214 pp, 280 x 235 mm

The dynamic artistic centres of China are producing some of the most interesting and compelling contemporary art of our time. But there are fascinating stories as yet insufficiently told: the stories of women artists. It was Chairman Mao who said “Women hold up half the sky”. This book reveals the work and lives of 32 artists working in diverse media who are doing just that.


Wrong Way Time

$29.95 ... ISBN 9780980834734

Linda Michael (editor)

hardback, 136pp, 280 x 225 mm

In Wrong Way Time, Fiona Hall brings together hundreds of elements, each embedded with layers of meaning. The works focus on  global conflict, world finances and the environment, which come together in what Hall says is a “minefield of madness, badness and sadness in equal measure”. After Venice the exhibition tours Canberra and Sydney. More venues and information when available in News section.


$49.95 ... ISBN 9780980834727

Abigail Solomon-Godeau

hardback,176 pp, 245 x 325mm

Unquiet is often a word used to describe the photographs of Rosemary Laing. Suspended between fantasy and reality, her images render the impossible possible. These extraordinary images are created without digital manipulation. Laing’s images feature prominently in the recently refurbished Art Gallery of NSW and Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. A Piper Press and Prestel co-publication.


The Transfigured Landscape

$49.95 … ISBN 9780980834710

hardback, 204 pp, four gatefolds, 280 x 280mm

Deborah Hart, Hannah Fink, Michael Brand, David Malouf, Bettina and Desmond MacAulay

“Breathtaking” is how John McDonald describes the work of William Robinson, one of our most cherished living artists who has transformed how we think about and see the Australian landscape, and he is celebrated for his Archibald-winning portraits. Many works were rephotographed for this book and all Robinson’s most admired works are reproduced along with insightful texts by some of our finest writers.


hands on

$75.00 ... ISBN 9780987438089

Terence Maloon

hardback, 224 pp, 300 x 240 mm

Drill Hall Gallery

Reveals the exhilarating breadth of Roy Jackson’s painting as critics, curators and fellow artists share their experiences and insights with regard to his life and work. The monograph includes over 160 colour illustrations and six gatefolds plus selections from the artist’s diaries and writings, photographs and detailed biographical notes.



Indigenous Sculpture

Nicole Foreshew & Brian Parkes

$24.95 ... ISBN 9780975175972

172 pages, softcover, 275 x 220mm

Object Gallery & Aust. Museum

Highlights the richness and breadth of contemporary Indigenous sculpture in Australia through the innovative work of thirty-three Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. The works shown are sculptures of animals which are as diverse and dynamic in their materials and techniques as they are in their varied relationships to issues of place, identity, culture and survival.



planned for early 2018

Book to accompany a travelling exhibition of Tamara’s work. More information soon; meanwhile see http://www.tamaradean.com.au


$25.00 … ISBN 9780980834758

John Dunn, Ben Peake, Amiera Piscopo

hardback, 96 pp, 228 x 170mm

Due October 2017

From the 1970s Battle for The Rocks and lifting a Green Ban to build Sirius to the 2017 Land and Environment Court judgment overturning the government’s refusal to list Sirius as a heritage building, this book documents and celebrates Sirius and its residents.

An extraordinary story of survival against the odds. For more see http://millerspointcommunity.com.au/sirius-the-book/